Employment and Physical Health – An Ignored Connection

Employment and Physical Health

There is a huge difference between employed and happily employed people. 

Apart from a more abstract understanding of what constitutes happiness at the workplace; the overall culture, human interaction, and beyond; there are physical considerations for happy employment too.

As a headhunter, our role is not just limited to providing progressive organisations ‘workers’. Further, we look to build long lasting relations, based on a mutual considerate feeling among the employees and employers, pushing the notion of happy employment altogether.

Here are two considerations for the wellbeing of your staff.

1. The Workplace Interior


You are already aware of what role interior plays for an organisation. Leicester Letting Agents find tenants are willing to pay more for good staged properties

However, it is important to keep up with trends and understand what your employees want.

For example, in the last decade or so, there has been a huge movement towards collaborative environments. However, a blind following of what is being done by “everyone” can be a killer for the productivity of your employees. 

Studies show that, especially introverts, struggle to complete their day to day tasks in overly-fluid environments. It is simply a problem of concentration and finding a balance between interaction and personal work. It is time to think deeper about such issues and find the right balance. 

A hint – aim for variety within your environment.

2. Culture

Workplace culture is a whole field within organisational studies. Therefore, it is near impossible to round-off the whole topic within a subsection of a blog.

However, moving forward from workplace interior, we will be covering the notion of building a culture that promotes employee wellbeing.

Whether we are talking of standing desks or even comfortable seating, employers are not only impacting the culture but even the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees.

And, this has become increasingly important.

The amount of time spent on a chair, in front of a computer, constitutes more than half the day of most active employees. As a result, especially if your workforce is ripe with physical issues, e.g. back pain, the whole working culture is undermined.

Therefore, employers need to support their employees by, first, providing the right equipment and second, providing the right help if such issues are faced.

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